Hello, my name is Martins Ketners, I am a software engineer, and this is my personal website.

Most likely you are here because of some link you found on the internet or you were explicitly provided with it. It is possible that you are redirected here from my other domain ketners.lv. Note: *.id.lv is a generic second level subdomain of the country's TLD .lv, provided by the national top level domain .lv registry, and was historically intended as a freely available domain for individuals living in Latvia.

There are no cookies and no statistics are collected on this site. The content is crafted manually, there are no specific CMS, WYSISWYG, or blogging engine underneath.

As my native language is Latvian, my English could more or less contain some silly mistakes.

You can contact me by e-mail mk@mk.id.lv.

The last date the content on this site was updated is 23-Nov-2021.

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These lists are for my own use. As I am always sitting in the internet, I found it useful to maintain them as publicily available. It is easier for me, and perhaps could be also an useful source for somebody who has happened to visit this place.